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About Me

Name                          :-                        Anish Shaikh

Nick                            :-                        SubZero

Idols                            :-                        Bruce Lee , Bill Gates , A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Likes                           :-                        I like everything till I am in a good mood :)

                                                             I always Want Things to happen My Own Way.

                                                            Cheese :D And Plain Soda.

                                                            I am Always Ready to Destroy Things. ( I mean it !!! )

                                                           I Always like to Bring About a Big Change into Unchangeable Things.

                                                           I am a fan of Mr. Narendra Modi and Praveen Togadia.

Dislikes                     :-                        I have huge list of things I dont like and people whom I just hate. Its Bzip'ed.

                                                           I cant tolerate anybody talking bad about Bruce lee.

                                                           So nice Of me To just hate Back Talkers.

Hobbies                    :-                        Information Security, Computer Forensics, Karate, Chess, Coding.

Sunsign                     :-                        Virgo

Fav. Film                  :-                        Enter the Dragon, Fists of Fury, Return Of the Dragon.

Fav. Color's              :-                        Black.

O.S.                        :-                        Linux (Fedora, Debian, Slackware,SuSE), FreeBSD, Windows 9x/NT

Education                 :-                       BSc (IT) 3rd Year From M.A.H.E.

Karate                     :-                        1st DAN Black Belt.

Quotes                     :-                        "Teamwork means never having to take all the blame yourself"

                                                           "When you Dont know what to do, Walk fast and look Worried"

                                                           "To err is human, to Forgive is not My Policy"

                                                           "I cannot teach you; only help you to explore yourself. Nothing more"

                                                           "Make sure everybody remembers you, After you Die"

                                                           "Never Boast after you r00ted a System"

                                                           "Listen to everybody, Do what your Mind & Heart Says"

                                                           "Allways Find New Ways to Conquer the World"

                                                           "Attack Where he is UnPrepared, Appear Where You are not Expected"



- Anish Shaikh.