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List Of Tools Used for Security Audit.

1) Port Scanners :-
 	Nmap 		:-	Network Security Scanner.
	ADMSmb 		:- 	Security Scanner For Samba and Lan.
	SmbScanner 	:-	Scans For SMB.
	PortScanner 	:-	TCP PostScanner.
	SATAN 		:-	Vulnerability Scanner
	Nessus 		:-	Vulnerability Scanner
	SAINT 		:-	Vulnerability Scanner
	SARA 		:-	Vulnerability Scanner
	COPS 		:-	Unix Host Security Scanner			  		
	Tiger 		:-	Unix System Security Scanner	
	Retina		:-	Windows Based vulnerabilty Scanner.
	GFI LANGuard 	:-	Windows Network Scanner
	SuperScan	:-	A very Fast Windows Port Scanner.
	ISS 		:-	Internet Security Scanner
	IPeye		:-	TCP Port Scanner with FIN, SYN, NULL, and X-MUS Scan.

                VLAD                      :-              Sans Top Ten Vulnerability Scanner.

                 Gate                         :-               Modular Linux Scanner.


2)  Packet Generators :-

                IpSend                              :-    Generates TCP/IP Packets

                UDP Probe                       :-    Send and Receives UDP Packets

                Arping                               :-    Send ARP Pings and IP collution detection

                LibNet                               :-    Helps in Contructing and Handling Of Network Packets.

                Nemesis                             :-    Packet Injection Utility


3)  Sniffers and Related Tools :-

                Tcpdump                            :-    Helps to Capture Network Packets

                Sniffit                                  :-    Packet Sniffer

                Argus                                  :-    Network Monitoring Tool.

                Karpski                               :-    A Gtk based sniffer

                Ethereal                               :-    Capture and Analyse Network Packets

                GnuSniff                              :-    Multithreaded Sniffer.

                Perro                                   :-    Logs TCP, ICMP, UDP Packets

                EtterCap                              :-    Packet Sniffer

                Pdump                                  :-    Advanced Perl Packet Sniffer.

               WinSniffer                              :-    Console Based Sniffer For Windows.

               Big Brother Network Monitor    :-    System Monitor For Intranet and Internet Servers.

               Ippl                                        :-    Logs icmp, tcp, udp packets.

               Aps                                        :-    Console Based IP Sniffer.

               WSA                                      :-    IBM's Wireless Security Auditor. 


4)  Crypto And Secure Communication :-

                GnuPG                                  :- Pretty Good Privacy.

                Nautilus                                 :-    Secure Voice Conversation

               OpenSSL                               :-    Secure Socket Layer.

               Putty                                       :-    Windows Port Of SSH

              Openssh                                  :-    A Secure Alternative to Telnet.    

              CryptF                                    :-    File Encryption using 3-DES or IDEA

              CIPE                                      :-    Crypted IP Encapsulation For VPN.

              PPPTCP                                 :-    Tunnel PPP over an Arbitrary Tcp Tunnel.

              HTTP Tunnel                           :-    Http Based Tunneling 

              Psst                                         :-   A Free Secure Shell Implementation.  

              CryptoNite                              :-    A Java Package for Strong Encryption.


5)    File Integrity Checker :-

            Tripwire                                     :-    Keeps Track of Altered files on a system.

            Nannie                                       :-    Monitors File Changes

            Chkrootkit                                  :-    Checks for Rootkits


6)    Network Diagonistics :-

            Hping2                                        :-    TCP Ping. Spoof Scanning.

            Iptraf                                          :-    LAN Statistic Utility

            yapm                                           :-    Ping Monitor.

            Ntop                                           :-    Network usage.

            NetCat                                        :-    Swiss Army Knife

            Samspade                                   :-    Network Utilities

            NBTScan                                    :-    Gathers NetBIOS Information.

            Firewalk                                      :-    Advanced TraceRoute.

            Xprobe2                                      :-    OS Fingeprinting Tool.

            Amap                                          :-    Application Scanner.

            Fping                                          :-    Parellel Ping Scaning

            TCP Traceroute                           :-    Advanced Traceroute

            Dig                                             :-    DNS Query Utility. It is a part of BIND

           Visual Route                                :-    Visual Trace Route. with Map.

           Rain                                           :-   Stability Tester for hardware and Software.

           NetDiag                                      :-   Collection Of Network Diagonistics Tools.  

           Btng                                          :-   EtherNet Monitor.

           DOS Tracker                               :-   Dos Attack Tracker.

           Traffic Vis.                                 :-   Visualises Amount On IP networks.

           Calamaris                                    :-   Squid Proxy Log Analyser.

           EARS                                          :-   System Monitor.

           Epan                                          :-    Protocol Analyser.

           Big Sister                                    :- Web host Monitoring Solution.


7)    Firewalls and Routers :-

           IPtables                                        :-    Netfilter based Linux Firewall.

           IPchains                                        :-    Netfilter based Linux Firewall.

           Firestarter                                     :-    GUI Front End for Iptables.

           Zone Alarm                                   :-    Windows Firewall.

          Tiny Personal Firewall.                   :-    Windows Personal Firewall.

          NetFilter                                        :-    Current Linux Kernel Firewall

          SINUS FireWall                            :-   Packet Filter For Linux.

          Click                                             :-   Software Based Router.

          Linux Router                                  :-   Disk less Linux Router.

          Edge Router Project                       :-    Basic Firewall.


8)   Cgi Scanners :-

            Whisker                                        :-    Cgi Scripts Scanner.

            Nikto                                            :-    Cgi Scanner

            N-Stealth                                      :-    Web Scanner.

            Achilles                                         :-    Web Proxy Scanner

            Spike Proxy                                  :-    HTTP Hacking


9)   Password Crackers :-

            John The Ripper                            :-    Password Cracker

            L0pth Crack                                  :-    Password Cracker. 

            Brutus                                            :-    Password Cracker.

            Hydra                                            :-    Parellel Authentication Cracker.

            MB HTTP Brute Forcer                 :-    Munga Bunga HTTP Brute Force Cracker

            Oracle Password Cracker              :-    Great For retrieving Oracle DB Passwords.

            IMAP Password Cracker               :-    IMAP Password brute force tool.

            MySql Brute Force                        :-     MySql Hash Brute Forcer.


10)   Intrusion Detection Systems :-


            eXpert BSM IDS                         :-    Host Based Intrusion Detection System.

            Snort                                            :-    Intrustion Detection System.

            SHADOW                                   :-    Mother Of All Intrustion Detection Systems.

            Nidsbench                                    :-   Network Intrusion Detection Test Suit.

            Lids                                              :-   Linux Kernel Based Intrusion Detection.

            Snare                                            :-   Host Based IDS.

            Free Agents DIDS                        :-   Distributed Intrusion Detection Systems.

            Fragroute                                     :-  IDS's Worst Nightmare.


11)   Proxy and Port Redirectors :-

             Fpipe                                              :-    Port Redirector,Bypass Firewalls.

             Redir                                              :-      TCP Port Redirector.

             Uredir                                             :-     UDP Port Redirector.

             WebFilter                                       :-      Content Filter.

             Squid                                              :-      PowerFul Proxy.

             Tiny Proxy                                      :-      Small Proxy Server.

             Tirc Proxy                                      :-      Proxy Server For IRC.

             Bnc                                               :-      Irc Bouncing Tool.

             Stunnel                                          :-       SSL CryptoGraphic Wrapper.


12)  Miscellaneous :-

             E-Security Audit Tool kit                     :-    Collection Of items and Checklists for Auditing.

             TOD   (Touch Of Death)                     :-    Connection Killer.

             Sm Start                                              :-    Start Sendmail WithOut Root Priviliges.

             TCP Server                                         :-     A Small and Simple TCP server.

             Bastille                                                :-     Hardening Script for *Nix Based Systems.



Ah a good list right ? well now if have some good tools and are eager to share you can drop me an mail and give the use Of that tool and also a link where it can be found. You can also report me some dead links if you get any.

- Anish Shaikh